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Sloan Club of Brazil


Welcome to the Sloan Club of Brazil.

Dear Brazilian Sloanie,

It is our pleasure to write the first letter from the President of M.I.T. Sloan Club of Brazil. The foundation of the Brazilian chapter of the Sloan Club has been a dream of many Alumni for years. Last October a group of highly energetic Sloanies got together and really made it happen!

We created the legal entity, Sloan Clube do Brasil, elected the first Board of Directors and raised enough funds to cover the start up costs. We organized the first event last May, with the presence of the Sloan Fellows 2003, Prof. Richard Locke and the Sloan Fellows Director Stephen Sacca. We developed the Brazilian Sloan Club website with the support of L.A.R.C. with the objective to create a place for the Brazilian Alumni interact. The main achievement was to break the inertia and make a dream come true.

The plans are ambitious but with the appropriate support from the Brazilian Alumni, Alumni Relations Office and Sloan I am convinced that we can make a difference in our communities.

The mission of the club is:

  • Build alumni/ae involvement with and commitment to Sloan
  • Encourage financial support of Sloan by its alumni/ae
  • Enhance the public image and presence of Sloan through its alumni/ae
  • Strengthen the connections between alumni/ae and to provide services to alumni/ae

We encourage every Brazilian Alumni to join the club and participate. We are committed to transparency and focused in meeting the associates needs.

We would like your continued feedback and thoughts. If you have not been receiving our emails, make sure that the Alumni Relations Office and the Brazilian Club has your current address. Please contact me at with your comments.

Finally, I would like to thank the whole group of people from Sloan and the Brazilian Sloanies that made it happen!

Octavio Faria Neto, SF’99
President, M.I.T. Sloan Alumni Club of Brazil

Sloan Club of Brazil
Octavio Faria Neto SF'99
Av. Agami, 164
São Paulo, SP 04522-000

Tel/Fax: (5511) 5051-9684

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MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Brazil

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